Happy new year to you and wishing you a happy and healthy 2019!

Happy new year to you and wishing you a happy and healthy 2019!

January is a time to plan the year ahead and reset your mind and body to achieve goals you may have missed last year. Here are a few of my goals..

  • GET OUTDOORS - I’m sitting at my desk throughout the day so I’m going to plan a time each day to get out and run or walk depending on how I’m feeling. Need to find my #onehourwindow of activity

  • ADD GREEN TEA TO MY DAY - It’s packed full of antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body. These include improved brain function and helps to burn fat.

  • PUT THE DEVICES DOWN - is the bubble going to burst on social media when we realise we are spending far too much time on ‘documenting our lives’ rather than living for the moment? I predict Physio’s are going to have a bumper year helping folks with sore necks and repetitive strain injury!!!

  • LEARN TO SWIM - currently swimming two lengths and needing a break whilst watching season professionals gliding through the water after 100 lengths..

  • READ MORE - Pour a cup of tea, embrace the quiet and read some ‘paper back’ novels

  • TRAVEL PLANNING - plan more in general but plan some great trips to take us through 2019

  • TEA BUSINESS - where do we want to be in 2019 and beyond? Time to start mapping out THOM&TEA, our online store activity, our product mix and how on earth to have retail representation without the swear words of ‘traditional wholesale’ attached to them! Which retailers are changing the game and allowing everyone to win? (feel free to comment..)

  • CONNECT WITH THOM’S WORLD - we have some fantastic followers and our job is to keep the loyalty by helping to serve those customers. Our MONTHLY DROP Tea Subscription service will be coming this year to ensure everyone has a high quality tea offering in their home.. no tea dust here!

Share your tea life & stories with us, send your news HERE and we will share with our community!

Let 2019 be the best for you!


Founder, THOM&TEA

Great Granddaughter, THOM HENRY GALLACHER