Brand Support


One of the problems of running a small business today is the constant need for 'image content' to support the website, online store, and social media.  Every time we do a photoshoot I think we have enough collateral for the season...we never have enough!

Never before have the worlds of brands and photography collided so fiercely, and the need for both to understand and appreciate each others vision and creative direction been so important.

It's been a busy month!  The ever supportive team at Business Gateway Stirling introduced me to Forth Valley College and we have been extremely fortunate to strike up a relationship with two of the 2nd year Photography course students, Kyle Burgess and Hayley Peberdy.  Here's a flavour of their work soon to appear on our digital platforms..


This was their first commercial shoot, they learnt a few things along the way and we hope to be remembered as they grow into experienced Photographers.  Big thanks to Kyle and Hayley for their energy and dedication to this campaign!

Photo Credit: 

Instagram: @hpeberdyphotography
Facebook: Hayley Peberdy Photography

Instagram: @lonelyrevolution
Facebook: Kyle Burgess Photography