Spring is in the air???

April in Scotland means longer days, lighter evenings, where you are tricked by the Sun into thinking the better weather is coming to then be blasted by a chilling wind making you remember to keep your winter coat on stand by every time you leave the house!  Alternatively, don't leave the house, get the fire on, select a good book and pour yourself a cup of tea!!

Last month saw the launch of THOM&TEA and our new online store.  Thank you for all your lovely comments and feedback, project TT is officially off the ground!  Let me also take this time to thank the creative geniuses who helped design the brand and the online store and launch the brand.  Firstly, Brian from @Gugacreative for packaging design and website design/development, always a pleasure!  Maria @Luminatepr who keeps me on my toes and checks every last detail of work, oh, and her PR work too, thank you very much!  Help from Jim Bamford @Basement49 for amazing photography, Chris Boyd @p1pb0yd for 'modelling' assistance for the photoshoots and Chris Garman for letting us use his amazing Merchant City balcony for photos, and also, Kirsty Conway for her intellect, wit and writing skills!!  Also, thanks to Brendan and Sophie for 'too many to mention' tea duties!!  We will be taking the tea on the road throughout the year and picking some food markets to show at.  There is so much happening in Scotland this year with food and drink so looking forward to meeting you at these events soon.

I was introduced to herbal tea twenty years ago when I moved to London and lived in a shared house.  House mate Rachel had a cupboard of every blend known to man/girl and explained the health benefits of drinking the tea.  I would hazard a guess that she has a very similar cupboard in her family home today!  My favourite was Peppermint, great for calming, settling your stomach, relaxing after a hard days work/commute.

 Back in those days, my work as a Buyer took me to Asia.  I was then introduced to Green Tea which got me through many long, jet lagged meetings!  Thousands of cups of tea later, those blends are in our range today, selected by expert Tea Masters to ensure only premium leaves are added to our pyramid tea bags.  

Heading into May, we will be preparing orders for our new stockists.  More to come on that later but hoping to deliver THOM&TEA to deli's close to where you live soon.  Date for your diary, Fathers Day (Sunday 18th June) is now in the design stages and we will be adding some gift sets of tea to the range.  We have noticed that many purchases have been for gifting so we are currently designing some new packaging to give you a hassle free / no need to wrap up / gift set of Tea!

This Bank holiday weekend we are heading to Barras Art and Design, Glasgow to take a look at whats going on.  Might see you there!  Have a great weekend all!

Diane, Founder, THOM&TEA