THOM&TEA, Our story

Founder Diane brings 18 years working, commuting and living in London back to Scotland, family and all! By taking her experience of past travels and work life and combining a passion for tea and equal love of cities, and the great outdoors, THOM&TEA is a wholesome, contemporary brand built on nothing but quality produce and excellent service.

Perhaps all those Saturdays spent wandering around Borough Market will finally pay off...


Oh, and who is Thom I hear you ask?


Thomas Henry Gallacher

The man who brought the importance of tea to our family. Tea and travel have been running through my family for over a hundred years. Thomas Henry Gallacher, my Great Grandfather, was a Scottish Engineer and intrepid traveller who found his way to meeting my Great Grandmother and setting up life in India working on the tea plantations.  There, they raised their family and tea became a very important part of their lives.

My Grandmother who was brought up in the foothills of India, ended up back in Scotland after Thomas’s untimely passing and continued her family traditions of blending tea and the daily ritual of tea drinking.

We grew up with her tea blending smells wafting around the house and have lovely memories of sitting around the table talking about her life in India and pay homage to my Great Grandfather who instilled our family’s love of tea.

Stepping firmly into the 21st century we are located in the stunning countryside of Scotland. We bring you our favourite blends of premium tea, switching out the foothills of India for the stunning backdrops of central and highland Scotland: combining our love of the outdoors, modern lifestyle and tea drinking by ‘taking tea to the outside’.

Diane, Great Granddaughter to Thomas, Founder of THOM&TEA.


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